Magical Unicorns, the exhibition at the Cluny Museum

For its reopening, the museum of Cluny dedicates an exhibition to the mythical and mystical animal, by using its famous collection of tapestries of the Lady with the Unicorn, from July 14, 2018 to February 25, 2019.


The exhibition is based on the famous tapestries held by the museum, La Dame à la Licorne, back home after a visit to Australia. Woven around 1500, these tapestries show the importance of the mythical animal in medieval times. Considered a magical creature, the unicorn is a symbol of chastity and innocence.

Hangings, costumes, paintings … All these supports to trace the representation of the unicorn throughout history, from the Middle Ages to today, and its influence on art. The exhibition ends with a final tribute to the 14th century hangings with five tapestries by Claude Rutault.

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