Olympic Day 2019 on the Place de la Concorde in Paris

The city of Paris participates in the International Day of Olympism, scheduled for June 23, 2019 with a day of free entertainment. At 5 years of the Olympic Games 2024, the idea is to celebrate the Olympic sport.

This Sunday, the Place de la Concorde will be transformed into a huge Olympic center, 75.000m2 dedicated to sports with playgrounds with bleachers. All day, 30 major federations will be represented, with top athletes and competitions open to all, we are already talking about Tony Parker and Yannick Agnel!

There will be sports equipment:

an olympic pool,
a soccer field,
a climbing wall,
a track of athletics,
of the BMX, a basketball court 3.3,
a climbing wall,
an area of ​​fire and archery,
a fencing ground,
gymnastics, judo, karate, boxing, and taekwondo courts,
a horse riding course,
a tennis court,
a table tennis area, badminton,
handball, volleyball and basketball spaces,
a weightlifting space,

This year, the Sports Festival is associated with the Olympic Day with 700 events throughout France.

Have a nice day :))